Open-ear Bone Conduction Headphones
That Keep You Fully Aware Of Your Surroundings

Because life is happening right here, right now.

Enrich your everyday life experience by listening to high-quality audio through your cheekbones. The combination of bone conduction technology and our new patented open-ear design allows you to effortlessly add a layer of augmented audio reality to the natural sounds of your surroundings.

You want to be present, safe and enjoy your music.

The urban lifestyle requires you to be all eyes and ears on the busy streets of the city jungle. Our bone conduction headphones are meant for those who live on-the-go and need that sonic boost in the background. Be both empowered and aware with your auricles.

Someone says “hi,” and you reply while still enjoying your music.

Your ear canals are entirely open, so you can interact, look approachable, and stay connected with your family, friends and colleagues in a natural way without pausing your audio playback.

How does bone conduction work?

Resting on cheekbones, bone conduction headphones work by transmitting vibrations directly to the human skull and skin, bypassing the ear canal, straight into the inner ear. The key value of bone conduction is that, by conducting the sound directly to the bone, your ears are left completely open, allowing you to have a parallel hearing channel from your surroundings, while enjoying your favourite music at the same time.

I’m shocked. After all these years in the industry, I never thought this sound quality would be possible with bone conduction technology.

Kim Rishøj, Co-Founder of TC Electronic

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About us

Officially, the story of Auricle dates back to November of 2018. However, in reality, it already began when Pedro, the founder, was still a young acoustics engineer. Growing up with a partial hearing loss yet being a huge music lover and an avid headphones user, Pedro thought that there are simply not enough headphones out there that would look and sound good while also fitting users’ different needs, such as situational awareness. He then gathered a small team of five other audio enthusiasts to start working on a novel, design- and health- conscious personal audio electronics device that promotes awareness, communication, hearing, and fun in everyday life situations. // OUR MISSION // We want to challenge the assumption that personal audio technology has to take over your hearing and cover your ears in order to be of high quality. Our mission is to provide a great sound experience to users while remaining completely safe, present, and aware of their surroundings. // WE USE BONE CONDUCTION TECHNOLOGY // Despite bone conduction being known for its poor sound quality and poor physical fitting, after thousands of hours testing, measurements, and usability investigations, we have learned that by combining existing technologies the right way, we can achieve sound quality results comparable to in-ear headphones across most of the hearing spectrum.

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